Why Is Balancing So Important?

Service life
Products with unbalanced parts often have a shorter service life.
Unbalance can substantially reduce a machine’s operating safety – man and machine are at risk.
Vibrations also have a substantial negative effect on the production result of machine tools
A highly vibrating household appliance and a noisy car are products which will not be successful on the market.
Forces caused by unbalance, disruptive vibrations and noises are removed by balancing.
This involves improving the mass distribution of a rotor so that smaller centrifugal forces act in its bearings. In addition, the type of unbalance also has to be taken into account during balancing.
Unbalance types
Unbalance can be divided into different types depending on their effect. Apart from the shape and task of a rotor, the type of unbalance affects the location of the correction plane and the choice of balancing tolerance. 

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