Winding Machine Rotor Automatic Balancing Machine

The use of the winding machine motor is generally in the place where a large starting torque is required, such as a crane crane. Its principle is generally to change the rotor winding electric group and change the torque of the motor. Its stator is directly connected to the three. On the AC power supply, however, the wound rotor is generally connected in series with a certain resistance variable resistor. When the motor is started, the variable resistance value is a large value. After the startup is completed, the resistance value can be adjusted. Make the resistance number zero.

Then, when we use the winding machine rotor, we will find its abnormality. If such a situation is serious, it will directly affect our normal working efficiency. Then, in the process of operation, this abnormal phenomenon occurs, and it is not timely. If you get a solution, it is more dangerous. Therefore, we must strictly check its abnormal conditions when using it. Especially for some mass-produced manufacturers, this imbalance will occur. Certain influence.

Then how do we carry out dynamic balance detection? We generally find that they are different when we use the balance machine. Nowadays, due to the development of society, the automatic production is increasing. Shanghai Jianping is aiming for winding. The machine motor industry introduced a-winding machine rotor automatic balancing machine. This winding rotor automatic balancing machine adopts the electric test system developed by the company. The measuring method is dynamic, static balance mode, support mode more than 10 kinds, aggravation and de-remarking Flexible inversion, high measurement accuracy, multi-calibration combination coefficient, flexible automatic adjustment system, automatic compression of data.

Winding machine rotor automatic balancing machine helps you to mass production efficiency, improve the quality of production parts and solve your imbalance plan