Working Principle Of Fan Dynamic Balancing Machine

Fan is a commonly used equipment in chemical enterprise, and some chemical enterprises have various types of fans up to hundreds of units,.In the equipment running due to the impeller imbalance caused by the fan vibration occurs, the wind turbine dynamic balance detection will greatly affect the production system of continuous and stable operation


Due to uneven material of the rotor, manufacturing, processing and installation errors, operating conditions change, rotor scaling, wear and even parts flying off and other reasons, inevitably there is the quality of eccentricity away from the rotor rotation axis, causing the imbalance and vibration


Now we will describe three types balancing cases

1 Static imbalance: the rotor on the eccentricity of the resultant force is not equal to zero, that is, this imbalance can be determined in the static state, so called that static imbalance.

2 Dynamic unbalanced: the eccentricity of the rotor on the weight of the two equal size in the opposite direction but not in the same straight line on the imbalance force, the rotor at rest when the balance, but in rotation will produce an imbalance force even, that is, ΣM ≠ 0, this imbalance can only be determined in the dynamic, so called dynamic balance

3. Mixing imbalance: a rotor there is static imbalance and dynamic imbalance, mixed imbalance is the general state of the rotor imbalance, especially the length and diameter of the larger rotor, resulting in mixed imbalance.


The balancing method commonly used in fan balancing machine

1 special balance machine balance

Special balancing machine to remove the rotor from the scene, transport hoisting to the balancing machine, this method used in the factory. If the industrial and mining enterprises use this method, the workload is large, time-consuming, affecting production, economically uneconomical. In the case

2 three-point balance method in the field

In the rotor on the circumference of the selected three points were tried to increase, with the vibration meter measured vibration state, according to the proportion of imbalance to find the phase and size.


Over the years, Jp balancing machine did fan dynamic balance test, has accumulated a wealth of information and data, through the data and data to carefully organize, analyze, research, explore and summarize the fan and motor rotor a law of aggravation, Before the shutdown of fan.measured the original unbalanced vibration parameters of the bearing, you can immediately find the fan rotor imbalance quality phase and size, so as long as the opening and closing machine will be able to complete the balance of the fan rotor work.

Fan dynamic balancing machine has a reliable design and use the industry's leading measurement system, dynamic and static balance, up to 10 kinds of support, plus weight, positive and negative can be customized, measuring the amount of measurement and angle units from Definition, display accuracy can also be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet different customer needs