You Can Trust Us - We Have A Professional After-sales Team

When we purchase machine from foreign country, it means more choice, but also will bring risks. Below questions are which we often have:
(1) Is this company true?
(2) Can their technology meet my requirements?
(3) How can I solve it quickly when there is a problem with my machine?

In order to improve the user experience, and quickly help our customers solve problems in the use of the process, at the beginning of the company establishment, our company made it clear that we should have a professional after-sales team. Over the years, our after-sales team is constantly growing, and our engineers have gained rich experience in many years of practice. So far, our after-sales team and the company have walked through a journey of more than 14 years.

With the gradual increase of our business in the world, the footprint of our engineers also spread all over the world, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, southeast Asia, the Middle East and so on all have our engineers' footprints.

13-South Africa
In addition to selecting our engineers for service, our customers can also choose our local agents for on-site service. At present, our company has contracted agents in Australia, Thailand, Russia, USA, Spain, Greece, Taiwan, Pakistan. Our agents have years of experience in the balancing machine industry, and some have even worked with Schenck for many years. So choose agent to undertake the service, that is, choose a faster on-site service.

In addition to our professional engineers can do on-site service, we also have special person in charge of after-sales service hot line, to ensure that our customers can get a reply within 24 hours, and can initially diagnose the problems of the machine, and then quickly feedback to our after-sales team to discuss solutions.
With the rapid development of the network, our after-sales team is also constantly upgrading and progress, our engineers can quickly determine the problems through video call, so that our team can quickly give solutions for you. Our computer balancing system can be operated remotely after connected to the Internet, so our engineers can quickly solve the system problems by remote control operation.
With the continuous development of the company, more and more customers are served, and the continuous improvement and growth of our after-sales team, we will always be committed to becoming a reliable supplier and partner for customers!