Pump Impeller Auto-positioning Balancing Machine

Pump Impeller Auto-positioning Balancing Machine
Product Details

Pump Impeller Auto-positioning Balancing Machine


Production Description


• Specially designed brackets,employ high wearing-resistance suporting chip
• Durable and reliable sensor possesses good linearity
• Upcut belt-driving ensures measurement of high precision and convenient installation and uninstallation of rotors
• Servo drive,stepless acceleration and deceleration,auto-positioning of the unbalance location
• Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface
• Powerful statistical reporting capabilities



Range of Application


Auto-positioning balancing machine is widely used  in various types of micro-rotor balance correction, With its high sensitivity, variety of flexible automatic positioning, convenient operation, It is highly praised and appreciated by consuming public



Special Features 

It is Windows Operating system ,Servo motor control ,Windows operating system,Large-screen LCD,Automatic positioning function,Free stickers reflective markers,1000 kinds rotor data storage,Powerful statistical analysis features,Flexible positioning,USB Data Export


Production Parameters


Technical data at a glancePHQ-1.6D/5D/16D
Maximum weight of workpiece(kg)1.6/5/16
Maximum diameter of workpiece(mm)260
The distance between two bearing pedestals (mm)40-400
Journal diameter on roller carriages(mm)3-30
Belt driving diameter(mm)20-85
Rotation speed when the diameter of operating transmission is 100mm(r/min)~1410( Stepless speed regulation)

Motor power (kw)

 0.4(servo motor )

Minimum achievable residual unbalance (emar)


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