Turbocharger Auto-positioning Balancing Machine

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Turbocharger Auto-positioning Balancing Machine

Production Description


• Widely used in balancing turbocharger, turbocharger impellers,turbocharger compressors ,turbocharger turbines etc .

• Auto-positioning  bed,17#LCD screen,large tool carriage structure

• Dedicated bracket,driven by Nylon belt ,variable speed motor 230W

Range of Application


This balancing machine is widely used in balancing rotatable bodies, such as kinds of small-sized motors rotors, impeller, fans, crankshaft, turbocharger, water pump, roller, grinding wheel, main shaft of machine tool , textile machinery, tool , spindle, etc .. Driven by Nylon belt , equipped with Variable speed motor to drive .Which ensures high quality balancing and precision. quick booting ,easy operation. and high efficiency .


Special Features 

The measuring unit employs JP-580B Electrical Measuring unit is a system of top function and precisionIt can be applied in all kinds of single/double plate and hard/soft bearing machines, and can be connected with different velocity and pressure sensors easily. The unit adopts industrial computer mainboard which equiped with 15-inch LCD screen and 1G Memory, Electric board 4G, Windows XP Operating System. Featuring with high running speed and reliabilitystrong dustproof and shakeproof ability, it is applicable to various industrial environments.  

Technical data at a glance PHZY-1.6/5/16
Maximum weight of workpiece(kg) 1.6/5/16
Maximum diameter of workpiece(mm) 300
The distance between two bearing pedestals (mm) 25-480
Journal diameter on roller carriages(mm) 3-40
Belt driving diameter(mm) 15-150
Rotation speed when the diameter of operating transmission is 100mm(r/min) ~1470

Motor power (kw)


Minimum achievable residual unbalance (emar)


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